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"Oh, and if Mr. Dylan 'wrote' or, indeed, even arranged 'Canadee-I-O' for which he has received more royalties than he would ever receive for the TOTAL sales of GBS I AND II - I'm the Pope. How about an arrangement credit for the man you purloined it from, Bob, a man who has no means of making a living, no longer even able to play the guitar because of a horrific car accident that ended a promising career? After all, you once told us all, 'to live outside the law, you must be honest.' Seems like you no longer agree."

- Clinton Heylin, in his June 1997 "An Open Letter To Tape Collectors"

Matthew Zuckerman posted:

I recall when GAIBTY came out, there was a lot of indignation (particularly in Folkroots, a UK-based folk magazine) at Dylan's crediting himself with all the arrangements, particularly "Canadee-I-O", since he had almost certainly taken it from "Penguin Eggs," an album by Nic Jones. In the early 1980s, Jones was badly hurt in a car crash and has been unable to resume his career. Since Jones's financial situation is understandably fragile, many readers were angry at Dylan's appropriating the royalties. I remember that Jones's manager replied to to the magazine, stating that (a) Dylan was under no obligation to credit Jones since many people had sung the song, and (b) there were no royalties involved in arrangement credits for folk songs. Does anyone know if this latter point is true?

Incidentally, "Penguin Eggs" is a tremendous album, well worth getting instead of the CD you were thinking of buying. It also includes "Farewell to the Gold," a song that Dylan sung in November 1992 (called "The Miner's Song" on the boot "Himself.") It's available on CD.