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Maxxx-imum natural goodness

  • The Surprise Natural Sweetenertm
  • The Chefs' pick for cakes, cookies, breads, puddings, pies sauces and main dishes.
  • Premium quality molasses processed from the concentrated juice of sun-ripened sugar cane.
  • Naturally good: absolutely no added sulphur dioxide.
  • Adds a warm, rich amber tone to baked goods, eliminating the need for artificial color additives.
  • It's a subtle, distinctive flavor enhancer.
  • It increases moisture in baked goods, thereby extending the shelf life and freshness of products such as breads, rolls and muffins.
  • Available in three lightweight, easy-to-close, non-breakable, foodservice containers: 1/2 gallon, 1 gallon and 5 gallon.
  • Ideal for use in bakeries, restaurants, schools, colleges, healthcare facilities and other foodservice establishments.
  • Ask your sales representative for recipes featuring Grandma's Molasses.

    Product Specifications

    Product DescriptionCase
    Unit Wt
    per Pallet
    Grandma's Molasses 4 Star 71645 6/64 oz. 38.514.56 x 10.44 x 11.25.989 10 x 550
    Grandma's Molasses 4 Star 71942 4/1 gal. 50.013.12 x 13.12 x 12.311.23 9 x 436
    Grandma's Molasses 4 Star 71991 1/5 gal. 60.912.06 Diam. x 14.38 HN/A 12 x 224
    Grandma's Molasses 4 Star 71983 1/55 gal. 630.023.10 Diam. x 35.30 H5.6004 x 1 4
    Shelf Life: 24 months
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