Roving Gambler

Roving Gambler

recorded by Cisco Huston, Dyer-Bennett

I am a roving gambler, I gamble all around
Whenever I meet with a deck of cards I lay my money down.

Iíve gambled down in Washington, Iíve gambled over in Spain
Iím goiní down to Georgia to gamble my last game.

I had not been in Washington not many more weeks than three
When I fell in love with a pretty little gal, she fell in live with me.

She took me to her parlor, she cooled me with her fan
She whispered low in her motherís ear, "I love that gambling man."

"Oh daughter, Oh dear daughter, how can you treat me so?
To leave your deal old mother, and with a gambler go?"

"Oh mother, Oh dear mother, you know I love you well
But the love I have for this gambling man, no human tongue can tell."

"I would not marry a farmer, heís always in the dirt
The man I want is a gambling man who wears a silken shirt."

"I would not marry a railroad man, Iíll tell you the reason why
I never knew a railroad man wouldnít tell his wife a lie."

"I wouldnít marry a cowboy, heís always in the rain
The man I want is a gambling man who wears a golden chain."

"I hear that train a-coming, itís a-coming Ďround the curve
A-whistling and a-blowing and a-straining every nerve."

"Oh mother, Oh dear mother, Iíll tell you if I can
If you ever see my back again, itíll be with that gambling man."

- courtesy of Digital Tradition -