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Oh, Babe, It Ain't No Lie

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In 'Elizabeth Cotten' video, Elizabeth Cotten talks about her guitar playing and her songs. she was talking about Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie. I'm not good at English. so sorry for mistakes. but here're what I heard. :-)


"They asked me to do Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie, that's the song I wrote about a lady live next door to us, my mother's go to work this lady would, taught children, she told my mother something made my mother punish me. they hurt me all the day. 'cause I know what she told my mum not true,
that's 'bout me getting punish. my feeling got hurt, 'cause I did not do Miss Mary said I did. and I used cry in a bed and little verse come to me, pretty come to me, and I made a little song, little tune I love. I used sit at, we have long porch all home place, she live here (Cotten moves left arm) I said, 'Glad to see you like to see' so she could hear me.

I was sittin and sing this song, as loud as I want to. and it was about her, and I get playing, she was said to me, 'Sis, that's a pretty stuff song you sang!'

You know what I want to say, don't you? 'it's about you!' But I wasn't daresay to let her know. I just say, 'Thank you.'

I wasn't daresay to let her know. I didn't let my mother know this little verse was about her, cause mama will punish me sur 'nuff I guess, and now, the both dies, they don't know, don't here, I don't reckon they do?(laugh) you think they do? Anyway, I feel free to explain and singing!"

(Cotten starts singing)

One old woman in this town keep a telling her lies on me
wish to my soul that ol woman would die
keep a telling her lies on me

oh babe it ain't no lie
oh babe it ain't no lie
oh babe it ain't no lie
know, this life I'm livin is very high