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Let It Be Me

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Robert Fernet posted:

"Let It Be Me" was first recorded and co-written by French singer-songwriter Gilbert Becaud as "Je t'appartiens" in the late 50's (well, before the Everly Brothers anyway!). It was later translated into English (as other songs by Becaud such as the popular "What Now My Love", translated from his own song, "Et maintenant").

Apart from the Everly Brothers and other singers mentionned in the thread, "Let it Be Me" was also recorded live by Elvis Presley, and made available on his "On Stage-February, 1970" LP. Willie Nelson also did a cover on his "Always On My Mind" album, in the early 80's. I THINK Tom Jones made a cover of it.

Chris Forshay added:

glen (wichita lineman) campbell & bobbie (ode to billy joe) gentry recorded a version on their duet album.

Mark Landis posted:

Well, it was actually introduced in the US by Jill Corey in 1957, in an episode of the tv show, Climax. It was recorded and hit the charts later that year, peaking at #57. Jill Corey was best-known as one of the regular singers on the tv show, Your Hit Parade. The Everly Brothers did certainly have a big hit with it in 1960, taking it to #7 on the US charts. Jerry Butler & Betty Everett had a #5 hit with it in 1964.