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Frankie And Albert

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From "Good As I Been To You: The Songs" by John Way, ("The Telegraph" #44):

The origin of this narrative ballad is unknown. Frankie may be Frankie Silvers who, on 22 December 1831, chopped up her husband with an axe at Toe River in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. She was convicted and hanged in Morgantown, North Carolina on 12 July 1833. In the various versions of this song, Frankie shoots (or stabs) Albert (or Johnny) who is having his bit on the side with Alice Fry (or Alice Bly, Alice Giles, Nellie Bly, etc). Although Dylan's own rendition does not bear the stamp of any earlier singer, it is probably most influenced by a 1963 recording by Mississippi John Hurt." In the final verse, the line "Turned her eyes up towards the heavens, said 'Nearer my God to Thee'" calls to mind "Caribbean Wind" in which Dylan sings "Street Band Playin' Nearer My God To Thee."

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