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Eric von Schmidt

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The April 97 issue of the UK magazine Folk Roots had an article (pp. 24-27) on US folk-blues veteran Eric von Schmidt, with quite a few Dylan connections. [1]

  • Schmidt recalls that Dylan told him he used the tune of his own "Gulf Coast Blues" for one of his songs with the Band (presumably from the Basement Tapes, but Schmidt says he has forgotten what the Dylan song was).
  • Dylan played harmonica, as "Blind Boy Grunt," on the 1963 album Dick Farina & Eric von Schmidt (released only in the UK, long deleted - apparently no-one knows where the master tapes are).
  • Dylan wrote the sleeve notes to Schmidt's 1968 album Who Knocked the Brains of the Sky?. Sample quote: "He can play off the tune of the moon, the why of the sky ... and he is also a hell of a guy."

  • [1] posted by Christopher Rollason